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We are pleased to feature the works of textile artist Danny Mansmith in  the March-April exhibit titled “We All Become Myth”  at the Burien Arts Gallery Wall, Highline Heritage Museum, 819 SW 152nd Street, Burien, WA.

“To walk through the door in your mind to visit those who have passed over. The stories that you knew change over time to become new stories for today,“ commented Danny on the show’s theme.

Danny grew up in the Chicago suburbs and was particularly close to his grandmother, who sewed his clothes while he was growing up. “My grandma was a tough Polish lady with a big heart who was also an artist, but would never have said that. She nurtured me with love and exposed me to art, giving me the ability to see possibilities in things around us.” Danny said.

Danny always wanted to be an artist and went to art school for a year, but found it was not for him.  He moved to Chicago in the early 90s and, inspired by his grandmother, taught himself to use a sewing machine. In addition to making handmade clothes, he taught himself to draw with the sewing machine and constructed dolls and sculptures out of found objects, covering them with stitched designs.

“i use the sewing machine as a tool to make images like a painter would do, drawing with the machine using thread and fabric and sometimes paper, “ he explained.

Danny now lives in Burien.

You can see more of Danny’s work on his website, https://dannymansmith.bigcartel.com/.  He has had a shop on etsy since 2006 and is also on Instagram.

All works on display at the Museum are for sale. QR codes are posted at the exhibit for easy purchasing via credit card, or contact Burienarts@gmail.com if purchasing by check.